Spock y Ferrari

¿Qué tienen en común mi body de Spock de ThinkGeek y el chandal de Ferrari que me trajo papá de Barcelona?


¡El azul!

Nuestro pequeño Spock

Entre los colores y los animales, ¡tengo trabajo en aprender palabras… y en dos idiomas, jo!


In English now! Okay, I’m struggling with Spanish and Catalan, so mum’s helping me out in writing this in English! But I know Irene will be very pleased to read this, this one’s for you! 🙂  So dad had to go to Barcelona on a business trip and he brought back this super cool blue Ferrari tracksuit and mum decided I should try on my blue Star Trek’s Spock outfit. What do those two things have in common? Exactly, blue! I’m all stressed out learning words for colours and animals in two different languages… crazy! 🙂